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MRI researchers present findings at Medical Device Conference in Brussels

The Medical Plastics Conference 2017 was held in Brussels | 6–8 Mar 2017. This conference was organised in association with the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE). This year’s conference focused on “Converging Technologies into the Medical Device Arena – A New Era for Medical Polymers”.  The purpose of this unique conference was to strengthen the interactions within the community of engineers, scientists and business leaders in new technology advancements in the field of medical polymers for a range of medical, ICT and pharmaceutical applications. Among the speakers was AITs APT Technology Gateway Manager Dr. Sean Lyons who was speaking on the changes facing the biomedical plastics industry. Dr. Lyons also gave a training seminar at the same conference which seen most of Europe’s leading medical device manufacturers attend.

 Brussels Medical Device Conference 1

Michael Hopkins Jnr, MRIs leading researcher in  Advanced Injection Moulding technologies also presented his work on additive manufacturing of tooling for injection moulding. This presentation drew a lot of interest from the attendees, which lead to various industrial engagements between AIT their European counter parts. Andrew Healy, a PhD candidate working under the tutelage of  Dr Lyons within MRI/APT also presented on his studies which was the controlled realise of active pharmaceutical ingredients for controlled drug release applications via SLA and FDM additive manufacturing techniques. Andrew is currently working towards his PhD in this area and is hoping to graduate later this year.



Brussels Medical Device Conference 3

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