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Our People

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Martin Goodman

Lead Biomedical Research Engineer

Olivia Aldy

Polymer Research Scientist

Dr. Marija Mojicevic

Polymer Research Scientist

James Murray

Polymer Research Engineer

Aisling Brennan


Steven Rowe

Operations Lead Processing Engineer, APT

Trevor Howard

Research Engineer

Dr Declan Devine

MRI Director

Dr. Noel Gately

APT Manager

Dr John (Seán) Lyons

Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, PI MRI

Laura Gabriela Rodriguez Barroso

PhD Candidate

Eduardo Lanzagorta Garcia

PhD Candidate

Viviane Seba Sampaio

PhD Candidate

Bor Shin Chee

PhD Candidate

Ciara Buckley

PhD Candidate

Gavin Keane

Senior Research Design Engineer, CISD

Nela Marakova

Analytical Research Engineer

Dr. Joe Geever

Polymer Engineering Lecturer and PI MRI

Dr Mohammadnabi (Hadi) Hesabi

CareerFit Plus MSCA Fellow

Dr Margaret Brennan Fournet

EU Project Coordinator and Senior Sustainability Research Scientist

Marcelo Jorge Cavalcanti de Sa

Visiting Research Fellow

Gabriel Goetten de Lima

Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Luke Geever

Technology Innovation Manager, APT

Dr Ian Major

Lead Composites and Upcycling Research Engineer, MRI/APT

Dr Paul Archbold

Construction Engineering Lecturer and PI MRI

Dr Michael Nugent

Polymer Engineering Lecturer and PI MRI

Shane Halligan

Analytical Research Engineer

Crevan O’ Donnell

Research Engineer, Research Hub Officer

Evert Fuenmayor

Polymer Research Engineer

Michael Hopkins Jnr

Senior Polymer Processing Engineer

Dr Yuanyuan Chen

Polymer Research Engineer

Maya J. Frost

Research Scientist, PhD Candidate

Romina Pezzoli

Packaging Research Engineer

Dr Zhi Cao

Analytical Research Engineer

Prof Richard Hoogenboom

Prof Hoogenboom leads the Supramolecular Chemistry group at the Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Ghent University.

Tony McNally

Professor Tony McNally leads the Nanocomposites Research Group at WMG.

Prof Brian Johnstone

Prof Brian Johnstone is the Director of Orthopaedic Research at Oregon Health & Science University.

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