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Dr Declan Devine PhD

Dr Devine holds a PhD in Biopolymer Engineering (2006) from AIT, where you also completed undergraduate studies in polymer engineering.

Dr. Noel Gately

Dr Noel Gately is the Centre Manager of the APT Technology Gateway.

Dr John (Seán) Lyons,  Dean of Faculty of Engineering & Informatics | Principal Investigator (APT)

Dr John (Seán) Lyons, Dean of Faculty of Engineering & Informatics | Principal Investigator (APT)

Laura Gabriela Rodriguez Barroso

Biotechnology Engineer

Eduardo Lanzagorta Garcia

Biotechnology Engineering

Viviane Seba Sampaio

Biologist and Master’s in Biotechnology

Bor Shin Chee

Bor Shin, B.Sc. (Hons) in Biotechnology, Ph.D. Biomedical Polymer Development

Ciara Buckley

Ph.D. Materials Research Institute, Athlone Institute of Technology

Gavin Keane

BSc Product Design, Marketing & Innovation

Paddy Doran

Senior Research Engineer in APT

Nela Marakova

Research Assistant, (CISD)

Dr. Joe Geever

Principal Investigator

Dr Mohammadnabi (Hadi) Hesabi

PhD in Polymer Engineering

Dr Margaret Brennan Fournet

PhD in in the field of Nanomaterial Nonlinear Optics

Ms Susan Carroll

Marcelo Jorge Cavalcanti de Sa

Visiting Professor Conducting Research with Polymers

Gabriel Goetten de Lima

Visiting Researcher at AIT

Dr Luke Geever PhD

Dr. Luke Geever (PhD Biomedical Polymers 2008) is Principal Investigator for the Applied Polymer Technologies (APT) Gateway.

Dr Ian Major PhD

Dr Ian Major (PhD Polymer Engineering) is a Principal Investigator in the Materials Research Institute, AIT.

Dr. Paul Archbold

Dr. Archbold’s main research interests are frp composites for construction, human-structure interaction and concrete…

Michael Nugent MPhil, PhD

Experienced in synthesis, testing, characterisation and analysis of polymer materials.

Shane Halligan

Currently studying the development of next generation smart polymers for controlled drug delivery applications in the area of polymer formulation, synthesis …

Mr Gavin Burke

Gavin holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Toxicology from Athlone Institute of Technology and is undertaking a research masters in the field of biomedical polymer development.

Crevan O’ Donnell

Currently working on an Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Funded project, “Mixed plastic waste as a valuable resource”.

Dean Hurley

Dean works in the field of polymer processing and drug delivery under the supervision of Professor Clement L. Higginbotham.

Evert Fuenmayor

Evert is currently studying for a Masters in Research under the supervision of Dr Ian Major.

Michael Hopkins Jnr

Currently, Michael is involved in developing a valuable resource material from Mixed Plastic Waste as part of an EI funded…

Yuanyuan Chen

Dr Yuanyuan Chen
Polymer Research Engineer

Maya J. Frost

She is currently studying at Athlone Institute of Technology under the supervision of Dr Luke Geever on the development of next generation…

Romina Pezzoli

Her current research interests include biopolymers, polymers processing, formulation and miscibility of multicomponent…

Zhi Cao

He works in the field of polymer processing, polymer composites, reactive extrusion, physical, mechanical, thermal properties…

Ms. Lorna Walsh

Name: Ms. Lorna Walsh,
Funded Programmes Manager
Phone No: +353 (0)90 647 1805
Email: lwalsh@ait.ie

Prof. Richard Hoogenboom

Prof Hoogenboom leads the Supramolecular Chemistry group at the Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Ghent University.

Tony McNally

Professor Tony McNally leads the Nanocomposites Research Group at WMG.

Prof Brian Johnstone

Prof Brian Johnstone is the Director of Orthopaedic Research at Oregon Health & Science University.

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