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Ciara Buckley


Ciara Buckley is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Materials Research Institute, Athlone Institute of Technology. During her BSc in Biotechnology undergraduate degree, she undertook an 11-week Enterprise Ireland funded research internship in the Materials Research Institute under Dr. Ian Major studying the human polysaccharide hyaluronic acid. As acknowledgment for the work completed during this internship, Ciara was awarded 5 additional credits on her end transcript by the Head of Dept. of Science, AIT. It was this internship that ignited a desire to pursue research in the area of biomaterials and therefore, after graduating with a first-class honors degree in biotechnology, Ciara was registered as a Ph.D. candidate. Her research focuses on hyaluronic acid and its applications in peripheral nerve repair, with a particular interest in the responses of neuronal and glial cell lines.

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