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Dr Mohammadnabi (Hadi) Hesabi

Dr Mohammadnabi (Hadi) Hesabi has graduated high calibre universities in Iran for his BSc and MSc degrees. He gained more than 8 years extensive industry experiments in foamed PVC extrusion and thermosetting composites before he received his PhD in Polymer Engineering from Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI) in 2018. Hadi joint AIT in 2019 to work on an industry based post-doctoral research on the degradation behaviour of polymer composites in the accelerated weathering conditions. In 2020 he received Marie Curie fellowship to develop functionally-graded structural composites from post-consumer mixed plastic waste. He is also Principal Investigator of industry based Enterprise Ireland-funded project aiming to develop bio-based non-toxic adhesive for wood industry. Hadi has a keen interest in technology commercialization and the industry driven collaboration towards development of innovative systems. His main research areas of interest are:

  • Polymer composites and nano composites
  • Biopolymers
  • Polymer processing and polymer recycling
  • Adhesives and surface coating technologies

Funding Opportunities