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Olivia Aldy


Olivia Adly – (Pharmaceutical Chemist, PhD Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry) is a postdoctoral researcher at MRI on BIOICEP Horizon2020 projectOlivia brings experience of working in the polymer chemistry research having worked as a researcher and lecturer in several Universities overseas recently the American University in Cairo, EgyptOlivia’s experience encompasses broad but distinctive interdisciplinary areas which are highly relevant to the development of solutions for priority global challenges. She is committed to the development of tailored green technologies designed to mitigate against environmental pollution and engineering new sustainable plastics of the futureOlivia has led projects on the fabrication and characterization of polymer nanocomposites, molecular imprinted polymers and drug formulationsOlivia leads the ‘Reactive Extrusion’ technology within the MRIOlivia’s research areas of interest include high throughput plastics depolymerization and repolymerization, development of deep eutectic solvents, synthesis of organometallic nanoparticles, polymeric composites, drug delivery and packaging systems.  

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