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Dr Zhi Cao

Zhi Cao

Dr. Zhi Cao (Tom), received his Bachelor of Science degree in Toxicology in 2010 and transfer from Master’s to Doctoral Graduate Program in 2014. He received his Ph.D. degree in Polymer Engineering from Athlone Institute of Technology in 2016. Carrying out research, delivering solution to industry. That’s what he did for the past 9 years! He started his research master with Mergon International Castlepollard funding the research. His research is about development of new lightweight, cost effective polymer car air duct. He have successfully innovated 7 polymer composites. His polymer foam product has reached 21% reduction in density and the cost of the product reduced by 20.2%. During his Postgraduate Study, he have completed 6 papers, 3 papers are published and another 3 is under review. And most importantly, based on Zhi’s study, Mergon Automotive is now investing in equipment to enable production of foam air ducts. His study is moving from Research to Reality. He currently is a Senior Research Scientist in Centre for Industrial Services and Design, Athlone Institute of Technology.

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